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Frequently asked questions


The Rosary
I want to start praying the Rosary again and need some resources. (

I was asked some questions about the Rosary like ... (


Is praying to Mary and the Saints OK?  (

Does Honoring Mary and the Saints Offend God? (Catholics United For the Faith)


General Questions
Questions that really concern me, from a fallen away Catholic. ( 


Bible Christian Society

"a non-profit organization offeringfree apologetics resourcesfor Catholics"


Biblical Evidence for Catholicsm with Dave Armstrong


Catholics United for the Faith (apologetics page)

"Proclaiming Christ to Every Generation"


Defenders of the Catholic Faith (apologetics page)

Hosted by Stephen Ray, Author of "St. John's Gospel", "Upon This Rock", & "Crossing the Tiber"


Scott Hahn (apologetics page)

Author, Professor, Biblical Theologian, Speaker, Catholic Convert


St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology

Apologetics - "Reading the Bible from the Heart of the Church"


The Coming Home Network International





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